Straight From The Heart


Rudimental Feat. Nørskov


Warner Music Group




Luke Jacobs

Executive Producer

Ollie Allgrove


Gráinne Dwyer

In a world where boom boxes are banned, Rudi breaks the mould.

For this video, we wanted to try something different. Our aim early on was to physically incorporate Rudimental’s ‘Ground Control’ boombox (lovingly referred to as ‘Rudi’) in the form of a 3D prop head. We worked with a Dublin-based studio team, Bowsie, who were able to fabricate the head from scratch in our short turnaround time.

Using POV shots, we were able to literally see the world through Rudi’s eyes, while also allowing us to delay the head reveal moment. We combined this with the use of wide-angle lenses to bring a surreal sense to our character interactions. Alongside an Alexa, we utilised a helmet rig with a smaller B cam set-up that allowed our talent to move through his surroundings more freely, which gave us a more dynamic and natural feel to the camera movement.

The video was shot on location in Ireland during lockdown. Although we didn’t want to dwell too much on the negatives associated with that fact, both ourselves and Rudimental were keen to weave in some lockdown Easter Eggs throughout as a sign of the times, while also giving more context to Rudi’s isolation and the build-up to his ‘day of freedom’.

This was our first larger-scale music video production since Covid 19. In order to have the safest possible filming set, it was decided that the primary location needed to be outdoors which worked in our favour as it allowed us longer filming times as well as the freedom to work with multiple different setups.

Featured Actors:
Tobi Balogun
Michelle Turner

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