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Adam Singodia


Zoe Brennan Whitmore & Gráinne Dwyer

“Endless Adventure” is a 30″ TV commercial for the taxi company Free Now. In August 2021, creative agency Rothco, approached our team in Stori Creative to write a creative based on the title *Endless Adventure*, they wanted to connect with their audience of 25-30-something-year-olds, showing that with FREE NOW, adventure only ever a ‘tap’ away. The piece is a celebration of freedom and the magic of spontaneity.

Directed by emerging female directing duo JAK (Jo Gutherie & Kate McQuillan), the pair brought fresh eyes to this creative to make a TV spot that is truly unique. Their complementing skill sets, Jo with a background in graphic design and Katie with a background in photography and VFX, allow them to tackle any creative brief with energy and experience. This winning combo is something that shines through in ENDLESS ADVENTURE, combining graphics, VFX and SFX to create a story that excites.

Outside of corporate work, they work on passion projects often telling stories about the Northern Irish experience and have been commissioned by BBC NI, Belfast City Council and the Irish language festival. JAK are hungry to keep pushing the boundaries of audiences’ expectations and bring a fresh new perspective to their visuals, always grounded in character and authenticity. The piece also features an original soundtrack from Irish hip-hop artist Jafaris and producer Solow the Astronaut.

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