Ignas Laugalis


Luke Jacobs


Gráinne Dwyer, Zoe Brennan Whitmore

Daring to be different. Tesla as a brand has always DARED to be too different. When Tesla first started back in 2003 it fought a hard road of negative attacks from the media and the public, as people felt it was an attack on their beloved petrol/diesel cars. Tesla is placed in this spec as the beacon for change. This spec is not about car features, it is about what Tesla is as a brand and what it represents. Being itself throughout all the backlash. Daring to be different.

The focus of the VO and Typography is to communicate the demoralizing, discouraging, hate comments our youth, minorities, and anyone affected hear on a daily basis, whether it be on social media, internet forums, news or on the street that attempt to fit people into the ideal status quo. The VO is continuously trying to stop change, but this will be in juxtaposition to the visuals that will contradict the words being spoken. where our heroes will follow their own truth. Like a play on the popular “Read Mean Tweets” YouTube genre. By owning the words they take away the power it holds over them. Unapologetic confidence, self-love.

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