Cheeky B*stard

Director Sophie O’Donovan brings us back to the 90s for ‘Cheeky B*stard’ when Jerry Springer and Ricky Lake ruled daytime TV. Inspired by makeover segments from these very shows, Sophie recreates her very own makeover show using the members of The Scratch. Together we see each member transformed from dastardly punks to perfectly normal members […]


A Rammstein-inspired music video from director Mia Mullarkey where we join our retired rockers as they reunite for one last gig together. Created for The Scratch’s sophomore album ‘Mind Yourself’ this video makes our teenage hearts soar as we had the opportunity to work with SFX makeup in order to transform the band members into […]

Another Round

Winner of two EDA awards in 2023 for ‘Best Music Video’ and ‘Best Editing’, ‘Another Round’ was produced for Irish rock band The Scratch. “Another Round” follows a character as they are caught in an infinite time loop on a night out in their local. What starts out as an innocent pint with a few […]


The “Workout” music video is a fusion of 80s workout meets street bikers, featuring a collaboration between Alexandra Hoskings & DJ Craig Gorman. Australia’s Alex Hosking is one of the country’s biggest emerging singers. Over the past two years she has co-written and performed as the featured vocalist on DJ PS1’s smash hits ‘Fake Friends’, […]

For My Hand

“For My Hand” is a song by Nigerian singer Burna Boy, featuring vocals from English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It was released through Atlantic Records on 8 July 2022 as the second single from Burna Boy’s sixth studio album, Love, Damini, along with the album. Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran wrote the song with producer P2J. […]

On My Mind

A music video to celebrate the collaboration between Jonasu & JC Stewart. Directed by JAK, this trippy and mesmerising video plays into the POV of a wild night out in search for love, but you can’t seem to reach the person of your dreams. JAK played with wide angle lenses, POV shots and dynamic camera […]

Be By Your Side

For many the Debs (prom) is a right of passage, for others it’s a night they would rather avoid. Director Kate Dolan explores this teenage life event from the perspective of three friends who would much rather avoid it. With some psychedelic help, however, they certainly have a night to remember. It features performances from […]

Straight From The Heart

In a world where boom boxes are banned, Rudi breaks the mould. For this video, we wanted to try something different. Our aim early on was to physically incorporate Rudimental’s ‘Ground Control’ boombox (lovingly referred to as ‘Rudi’) in the form of a 3D prop head. We worked with a Dublin-based studio team, Bowsie, who […]

Fall Into Me

Set over the course of one night, an outcast teenager finds love in an unlikely place. “Fall Into Me” is a music video inspired by unrequited love, an outcast teenager roams a mall to find love in an interesting character, our monkey man. Played by Desmond Eastwood (Normal People), we follow their journey through the […]